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Will on TV everyday now

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I can't keep up with all the Will appearences on TV so I was wondering I someone could put any more of the interviews up here like you did with the Jay Leno show ( unfortunatly for me thats the only one I saw.. and recorded..)

Can someone please upload TRL or Letterman or something? thanks
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Check the calendar!! He's on Regis, BET, Leno, Letterman...he's making many appearances on different shows 2 promote I,Robot and tell us more about the new album!

I love the fact I,Robot got so much hype and promotion leading up 2 the release date. I'm expecting it 2 blow up the box office and reach number 1 in no time!!
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Ye but there's no promotion going on here in the UK!! Guess he can't be two places at once!! Maybe when it's time for I, Robot to comeout in the UK he'll come over and do some promotion! I really hope there's a premier at Leicester Square!! I'd have to go down and see him!!
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