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jeff got dogtags now?


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Guest Prince
Rock on fan 4ever man, rock on. :afro:

Heyyo this might be just me being stupid, but maybe it's the insurance kind of dogtag.

[url="http://www.dogtag.co.uk"][img]http://www.paralleldreams.co.uk/dogtag_tall1.jpg[/img][/url] Edited by Prince
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Guest Prince
[quote=willreign,Mar 17 2004, 08:30 PM]what is dogtags?[/quote]
They originated from the army, to identify bodies. Basically a name tag that people used to wear around their necks. They are fairly widely worn nowadays, though not for the reasons they were originally worn for. Will wears some with Jada's and his kids names on them.

I think someone else would be better at explaining than me. Edited by Prince
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