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Our good friends at Wikipedia tell me in 97 he did a voice for someone in Extreme Ghostbusters, and more recently in 2003 ws in a McDonalds ad. It says now "He currently lives in Los Angeles and has developed an interest in auto racing. He is a two time winner of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race (in 1994 and 1995)."

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didn't he present a TV show called Your Big Break or something in America?

Yes he did. I went to the FPOBA homepage and found at that will has even produced a solo alnum for him.

Haven't heard nothin from it tho...someone know anything about it?

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I think this old news but for sure, Alfonso and Will are still buddies, for I know he directed some episodes of "All of Us" and also, I can't remember when but Will went on a big event and he took Alfonso with him to go on that even because his wife (Jada, of course) was unable to attend. That's old news though.

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