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Will Smith on Letterman

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I just got done watching. Will waz lookin' all smooth in black shoes, black pants, black shirty, and a tan jacket. Again, really really shorty hair and no facial hair. I'm actually used 2 the short hair and no facial hair look now...he looks 10 years younger. Will waz hilarious but there's a difference between being funny and doing stand up comedy. Don't know if i'd want him concentrating on that til he's a lil' older. He talked about his house that's been being built 4ever, his family (a lil' bit) but mostly about the movie. I think Dave and Will have this crazy chemistry....Dave really should do a cameo in a movie with Will cuz they are just so funny 2gether.
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Yea it was a really funny interview! :kekeke: Will look as good as always. They short hair makes him look really young. He had to cut it short for Last First Kiss because they shot some scenes that were suppose to be in the past and he was a little younger. He still looks cute! :kekeke:
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