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Who won earlier JJFP FREESTYLE finals?


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dont be so sexist, girls can write rhymes just as good as any man

I'm not! I don't mean to dissrespect you:) Don't you feel an accolade in my earlier statement? I'm waiting at your response to Brakes.

Yeah its all fun at the end of the day!! Like Big Willie and Julie say its a test of lyrical ability and is all said in fun! None up us actually mean the stuff we say!

That's good. But maybe some of you can feel unfocortable deep inside. If not that's good. I heard that at real rap batlles, somethimes rappers were fighting, cause of theirs beef lyrics:( I'm wondering if in real you are also good?

Summing up:

1st potna fianl won:

Brakes/Julie & it was only the one final, you don't repeated it? I'm wondering how looks potna battles?

1st final won thePrince!

2nd fan4ever

also Tim (a.k.a Hero1) & Da Brakes, but you don't remeber who had 3rd & 4th place. Ok, but it can't! There must be some mistake. Jazzy Julie & Da Brakes are fighting in IV final, so maybe it's V final?

<cough> Schnazz <cough>

oh, did Schnazz won one final?

What's up with that?

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None up us actually mean the stuff we say!

Yeah, yeah. That's not what you were telling me earlier, Mister Barkers! :2thumbs:

im shocked and upset, i must wear more make up to make myself look less like a man lol. :paperbag:

I am sure Prince was just giving you a hard time. I doubt Brakes litterally meant anything he spit.

But on a side not, you did great Julie!! I could tell you put some thought into what you wrote. I voted for you. :rockon:

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