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Females get no credit. I thought this was a nice read to come across. And seeing as how she's from Philly.

Source: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/view.php?id=11314

What's Up With

... DJ Diamond Kuts?

by Kate Kilpatrick

Age: 22

Hometown: West Oak Lane, Philly.

Bio: Diamond Kuts is the only female DJ on the air in Philly. Her Saturday-night show on Power 99 from 2 to 3 a.m. caters to the crowd headed home from the clubs. She's also a member of the very influential Murda Mamis-a clique made up of the most powerful women in the industry.

Family history: Kuts' father was legendary Philly MC and hip-hop pioneer Grand Tone, who (along with Parry P, Gary O and Cosmic Kev) was a member of the Grand Masters of Funk. (Grand Tone passed away last year.)

Starting out: Diamond got her first DJ starter kit as a Christmas present from her father six years ago. After practicing in her basement and hanging out at Armand's Records with DJ Fat Cat, Diamond starting DJing at Sneaker Villa and filling in for other DJs at clubs like 027, Palmer Social Club and Club Flow. She got her big radio break in August.

On mentors like Cosmic Kev and DJ Flow: "Flow taught me how to really rock a party, whereas Kev taught me the scratching and the concepts of DJing."

On her DJ style: "I try to play upbeat songs the ladies can identify with and rock to. I like a lot of local talent. I play a lot of Miss Jade, the Last Diamond. Those two girls-I always make sure I show them love on my mixtapes and the radio show."

On being a female DJ: "I want to be a good DJ, period. A lot of female DJs are satisfied just with being called a female DJ. I want to do the same things the guys are doing. I want to do TV. I want syndication. I don't want to be a local DJ. I'm willing to learn what I have to do to get out of the city and be bigger than that."

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Thanks for sharing that, I think DJ's don't get enough credit in hip-hop like they should, they get some but it's mostly the MC's that get talked about the most, especially now, but without the DJ's there wouldn't be MC's, there hasn't really been too many female DJ's that're famous, the only one I could think of is Spinderella from Salt-N-Pepa....

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