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Let's not 4get how Bad Boy screwed up New Editions last album. They realized that during the recording of their last album that Bad Boy waz an awful decision. The quality of the music waz the weakest ever for NE. Puffy made it so that in-house Bad Boy producers did most of the music...which is always bad.

I think Carl Thomas is their only legit artist on the label.

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Puffy signed Heavy D to Bad Boy a couple years ago and we're still waiting for the album, Kel Spencer helped Heavy D with writing it too, I wish that Puffy would put working on his album on hold and drop this one first but that won't happen, lol....

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Guest renagade_tim

Bad Boy is so awful. I can't stand Puffy--he needs to stop tarnishing Biggie's legacy with this crap. Maybe we'll actually get to hear real rare or unreleased Biggie songs on the greatest hits project they are releasing next for Biggie?

that was the last album for biggie hint the Biggie Duests the Final Chapter

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I`m happy that Puffy brings out that material. He mostly just got accapella so has to make new beats. And theyr not bad. Puffy brings the material there where it has to be: In the hands of the fans.

Critics lash, said I made a fortune of his past an'

All is did was build a dynasty off of his passion

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