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Where would they be?


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Uncle Phil - Probably a Law Firm owner

Vivian - Housewife

Ashley - Either a model or a singer

Hillary - Exploded on the Talk Show area

Carlton - Probably following in his fathers footteps or a Bowler :lolsign: couldnt resist

Nicki - High School Basketball star

Will - Hard to say, settled down with a family, just doing a regular job.

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Ashley=famous singer/married/1 baby/on the cover of every mag.

Will=professional basketball player and rapper /married to hot super model/Will junior,Willisa,William,Willard,Willma and willa(twins)(too much 'you know')

Carlton=single/still dorky/lawyer or judge/living alone in a bel air mansion alone

Hillary=still miss alley girl/divorced about 50 times for spending too much $/took over good morning bel air

Vivian & phil=On a beautiful island in the carrabien sea/retired

Nicky=in harvard/girlfriend/visiting will/playing basketball

Geoffrey=working for george dubya bush at the whitehouse

Jazz=married to Jillian,a different prisoner/working at McDonalds

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