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  1. Hey guys... i am from Germany just watching and enjoying the third season. Now my question.. in one scene.. will enters the kitchen... he catched a cold and had a tissue in front of his face... .. ashley talked with him about will & paula.. i think and suddenly he had to sneeze.. and i am wondering what ashley is responding.. verbally... Is it "gesundheit"?.... cause normally you would have thought she would say"bless ya" In Germany you would say "gesundheit"--- and i just want to know if i heard it right... Please help me if you know.. And if i´m right... do americans.. use that term.. occasionaly?
  2. Hey guys, my favorite special appearance was by Boyz II Men... I love that episode to death... because... i always watch it on x-mas... icetrey was ok... but i loved the isiah thomas cameo as well
  3. i hate it...... we in germany havent got a release date for second season jet....
  4. Hey folks,... One thing i was always wondering about is ... if Hitch and Switch is a name-coincidence..or a stupid marketing move? Maybe you discussed that before.. don´t know.... Burner
  5. Once again one question by me.... Maybe its obvious but i am not shure.... Does Jamie Foxx sing in the movie "Ray" or is it always the real Ray when he starts singing? First i thought... i must have been him... cause he received an oscar.... and did the gold digger thing.... but today i read a comparision between the ray movie andthe new johnny cash movie.. and it was said that in comparision to ray the actor of johnny really sings.... What is the truth.???
  6. Sorry for that one.... but Born to Reign was a huge dissapointment for me.. i am honest.... Just another reason.. for critics to say will wants to milk the cow with every movie he has made..... I mean the combination of Movies with Cds... Okay it was made... and has maybe 2 good song.. but the rest.. was really bad.... My opinion!
  7. Hey one stupid thought came to my mind.. and i want to share it with you. If you have the once in a lifetime chance to meet will or jazz..... and you can only ask one question. Whom would you meet and which question would you have??? I know its a hard one... but maybe you know that... Have a nice one Burner
  8. Will would be funny as an unsuccessful actor....
  9. Back in business fully registrated now----- Okay back to the topic. Its so funny that we are talking as if another JJFP Album is in the making and will realesed..THIS YEAR! But it would be so picture perfect. 20year Anniversary--- Will´s 10th Album... their 6th in 200"6"... Jeff´s--?? Don´t know Okay maybe you are right.... Will never went after great record sales... But that crap talk.. last year with eminem about being a fun rapper--- sounded to me like straight biz....my opinion! IF Jeff & Will will do another Album together then just them--- Hate to see them on a Kanye Beat, or Neptunes.....(okay maybe a funny neptunes beat... :wiggle: ) They are long enough in the industry to know how to make really good songs.. In my mind the right Producer search is one of todays great problems the music industry has. In the End all the stuff our ears get to listen is from one producer... and we are not able choose between good and bad music. and have no variety. Today there are a few Hitmakers in the industry... Pharell,Kanye,Scott Storch..maybe Dre and every hit record is by them.. I think that is ridiculous... JJFP don´t need that... What is your point?
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