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My New Film


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Hi guys, i recently finished my latest film so i thought i'd put it up here to share.

Its hard to describe and probably won't interest all of you, but you'll get to know me abit better. Its a semi biopic of my current life and thoughts and im happy with the way it came out.

Hope you enjoy, any feedback would be great.

Rolling in at about 25mb for a 6 minute film so quality isn't too shabby.



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Documentary type status. Very well put together and in some cases it was really funny. The bit about winning the World Cup, that was dope and is probably every boys dream. I'll just be happy for England to win it, we can dream cant we :lolsign: . Much props Kev, very well produced, great job :2thumbs:

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Cheers everyone, I've been getting good feedback from a lot of people. Hope my tutors agree when they see it.

Brakes, yeh it would be ace for everyone to have a docu vid on themselves, would be great to get to know people abit better.

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Anyone who still wants to check this out, it shopuld still be up for a couple more days.

Its much appreciated if you can check it out and let me know what you think. Im trying to get as many people to see it as possible

Cheers, Kevin

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