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What's up y'all? I wrote quite a bit of lyrics today. This is one is to me and Fresh C's "Stars Amongst Our State" album. This is my part. Check it out...

Dec. 2, 2005 (5:37 p.m. - 8:27 p.m.) ©

Astrologically, I'm Leo the Lion, and lookin for a lioness

Can U manifest it being poetry I speak with every breath

My mind is as free as a cloud in the sky

Dry and fly by, or condensate, and precipitate into your hair and ya eyes

See clear as I cause growth, and without fear

The good of the earth, watch knowledge come so sincere

Acquire at different levels, but find similar connections

Then my sayings and my phrases are centuries destine

to be heard again, by way of what I put into a book with a pen

Can't be duplicated, they'll say "There's no one like him"

And even if it doesn't happen, I always enjoyed rappin'

Capturing anything I could rhythmically imagine

It's like when everybody first comes out, they're tight; virgins to the game

Start being promiscuous and turn sluts, everybody knows your name

Work in mysterious ways when hittin the stage

Bias magazines give reviews in undeserving type of ways

I run a stray while other artists be in collars man

Home is in my heart, not in a dollar van

Money's running the world, and our living's controlled

Relinquish it all when U go away, and carry just your soul

What I have is more than I can understand to describe

so I study my mind, follow vibes, and release what I feel inside

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