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Anyone Know the whole Speech at AMA!?


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thanx man. But he thanks interscope or allowing him to bring out a second single, does that mean there's not gonne be a third single? cause it looka like he had to convince them to bring out party starter. I'm just guesing i may be wrong :hmm: but thanks anyway for the whole speech man

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Here you go..

"First and foremost I just wanna thank my wife right there, that-Jada. That's the one right there. Girl, you're in trouble tonight."

(crowd applauds)

"Really, I just wanna thank all my fans cause uh-"

(crowd applauds)

"You know, I made a commitment a long time ago to my grandmother the type of person I was gonna be, the type of music I was gonna make, the type of movies I was gonna make. I made a commitment to my grandmother and y'all supported me in that and I wanna thank you for that"

(crowd applauds)

"Y'all know what kind of world it is, it's hard sometimes to stay commited to principles, to stay commited to ideas, in the face of a world where things are leaning another direction. Theres a pull, there's a gravitational pull towards negativity and I just want y'all to know from the bottom of my heart Imma hold it down as long as I can"

(crowd applauds)

"I wanna thank Jimmy Ivene (sp?) and everybody at Interscope for allowing me to put out another record, uh just again I wanna thank God and all of my fans really. Y'all touch and and I just thank you."

thanks, it was a good speech.

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