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I forgot to mention DJs:

Grandmaster Flash

Jam Master Jay

DJ Premiere

Cut Creator


Terminator X

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Ok, we start with the emcee competition. We take two groups with artists each time. Ya'll are gonna vote and give the artists the grades 4-3-1-0 and of course you are going to give the best artist the 4.

Group 1

LL Cool J

Ice Cube



Group 2


Method Man

Melle Mel

MC Lyte

My votes:

Group 1

KRS-One 4 - KRS is one of my absolute favorites.

LL Cool J 3 - I generally dont like LLs music but the group is weak.

Aceyalone 1 - Just heard one track, and it was decent.

Ice Cube 0 - Nope, not my style.

Group 2

Melle Mel 4 - I love the voice and the strenght of Melle Mel.

Rakim 3 - Brilliant rapper... but playback live nowadays, what the **** is that all about?

MC Lyte 1 - MC Lyte is a really good emcee based on what ive heard.

Method Man 0 - Boring and not better than anyone else.

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Group 1

LL Cool J-4, The G.O.A.T.

Ice Cube-1, legendary hardcore rapper but I don't feel him as much as LL or KRS

KRS-One-3, would get 4 points if it wasn't for LL in the same category

Aceyalone-0, underground legend

Group 2

Rakim-4, he could flow forever

Method Man-0, best of wu-tang, tough competition in this group though

Melle Mel-1, pioneer mc

MC Lyte-3, the best female mc besides Queen Latifah

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Group 1

4: LL Cool J

3: KRS-One

1: Aceyalone

0: Ice Cube

Group 2

4: Rakim

3: Method Man

1: MC Lyte

0: Mellie Mel

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Group 1:

4 - KRS-One (by a landslide)

3 - LL Cool J

2 - Aceyalone (would love to put him over LL, but admittedly has had no commercial impact at all)

1 - Ice Cube (fell off in the mid-90s)

Group 2:

4 - Rakim (The R!)

3 - Melle Mel (the first real MC)

2 - MC Lyte (haven't heard much of her)

1 - Method Man (got his own cool style, but not even close to one of the best in his clan)

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Group 1

4.LL Cool J Can`t **** With him..The G.O.A.T.

3.Ice Cube Got a cool style

2.KRS-One Same as Cube but his recennt stuff isn`t realy catchy..I want more BDP

1.Aceyalone I don`t like him,lol

Group 2

4.Rakim He`s one of the best

3.Method Man Tecnicly one of the best ever.

2.Melle Mel As good as dead, lol

1.MC Lyte Whats is she doing in here?Ever heard of Latifah?lol

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