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'Xzibit Is A Really Good Actor', Ainston Says...


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'Xzibit Is A Really Good Actor,' Aniston Says As He Holds Gun To Her Head

'They're both really fantastic actors,' Clive Owen says of 'Derailed' co-stars X and RZA.

by Shaheem Reid, with reporting by Vanessa White Wolf

Jennifer Aniston (MTV News) Jennifer Aniston has nothing but praise for Xzibit's acting skills — and all he had to do was hold a gun to her head.

"First of all, you'd think that this guy, holding a big old gun at your head ..." Aniston said, referring to a scene in which they both appear in "Derailed" (see "Xzibit Insists He Had Nothing To Do With Brad And Jennifer's Split"). "[but] he was so afraid that he was hurting me, and I kept saying, 'Just go for it!' I felt like he had the hesitation every once in a while.

"He's really one of the sweetest guys on the planet," she continued. "He's a really good actor."

"They're both really fantastic actors," Clive Owen said of his co-stars Xzibit and RZA. "The stuff they do in the movie is fantastic. You know, the relationship I've got with RZA in the movie is one of the key relationships. RZA's a very, very smart and talented guy."

Vincent Cassel, who plays a criminal in the flick, says he's been a fan of both X and Wu-Tang for years.

"It was interesting," he said. "I was surprised at how good they were in the movie and how humble they were. It's like, suddenly you don't have rap stars coming on the set — you have actors trying to make it the best they can. I really liked that humility about both of them."

This report is from MTV News.

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