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I touch your soul 'cause of the things I write in my songs

You don't find jewels there or bitches in tight thongs

I touch you 'cause I show you my truest fears

It's hard and sometimes my face is full of tears

I make you cry too 'cause I write about pain

You feel my emotions that ain't a game

Watch me writing this verse not for fame

Shut up, you don't even know my name

I just want to get these lines out

'Cause it helps me to get the pain out

Picture me crying in the dark, late night

With the pen in my hand, holdin' it tight

That's the sad truth

I feel pain in my heart - fear in my head

I don't want to loose

Come on, let me touch you with every line I write

Building dreams and fantasies everytime I write

You know what I mean, there ain't nothing like

And even if you don't know me I can make you cry

You don't know my methods, stop asking why

I write things that hit you right in your heart

About love, the pain, real stories from the start

Show me some love if you feel these lines

I put my heart in my lyrics, lovin' these rhymes

And if your soul wants to be touched

Just read my lyrics and it will get touched!

What do you all think?

Remember I'm from Germany so there might be some mistakes in it... :yeah: (I love this smily) :yeah:

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"I touch you 'cause I show you my truest fears

It's hard and sometimes my face is full of tears" - These lines reminded me of Pac.

PRetty cool song.

Ya, these lines could be from Pac but my inspiration was Immortal Technieque's "You Never Know".

Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it!

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