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FuQ - Dayz With A Pen and A Page


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Ok, I did this song just a couple days ago. And recorded it yesterday. I'm not sure if I should keep the version I did, or do all rap lyrics because I can't sing worth a lick I think. If U really wanna hear it, let me know, and I'll put it up. It follows the same formula of the song "All of My Dayz" by Changing Faces. Here's the lyrics...


Sometimes I wake up in the mornin' without every yawnin'

My brain gets lit up like the sun does the sky, and I write a rhyme

about anything, my ideas arrange from A to Z thangs

If something's bothering me, I speak out with such a shame

Ayo, what's that girl's name from the corner of my eye

She's so beautiful, wish that I could be her guy

As I continue on to class, the ignorance get passed

Wanna knock a dude, clinch my fist, but then not so fast

While the earth is rotating, my mind is mediating

breathing in the atmosphere, then breath out words thru a pen clear

I'm literate and amazin', not just talkin' I'm conversatin'

demonstratin', 2nd to none, rhythm creations

I'm feedin to pages nonstop

Loadin up on a crop that I'm ready to harvest to Hip Hop

By my watch, times still tickin' for me to be hittin the stage

keep livin out my dayz with a pen and a page


I'll be sittin inside

No disturbances, gotta have peace and quiet (u know? shhhhh)

I'll be thinkin' of things to say

so it's relevant today, and maybe years away


All I want is, to spend my Dayz,

with a pen and a page

All I want, all I need...


Sometimes I'll sit on outside

and watch the cars roll by, let a vibe enter my mind

Just sit and relax (sit and relax)

becuz U can (becuz U can)

Feel better, feel better



All I want

All I need

is a pen and page

when I'm writin' lyrics


Now I'm switchin' emotions with the black and the blues

The professional colors, but I'm not, so I've used red too

and anything that was preferable, given off a legible glow

I'd read to the beat, fast or slow

Never scraped a rhyme, made it nearly perfect the 1st time

Scratch off a word here and there, but it made it out fine

I often wonder, becuz I can recall so many lyrics

will I lose sense of the job, and have inexperience

but I'm a pack a punch, strike twice, and then duck

Feels good to know a lot, and ya head not erupt

Keep my eyez on the prize, never stuck in a daze

Spend my free time, Dayz with a Pen and a Page


(fades out)

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