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The Wolves are playing horrible right now. They are 15-17 as far as I know. KG is having a good season, but Wally has really made a great comeback after his injury last year. But I think they won't be that good of a team until we get rid of Oloakandi (not sure if that is how you spell it) and Troy Hudson. The kandi man is just plain lazy. He shoots lazy, runs lazy, passes lazy, and hardely does anything right besides grabbing a rebound occasionally. Its kinda funny how he was the #1 draft pick awhile back. And Troy launches shots from all over but can't seem to make anything anymore.

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What happened to my Blazers man :paperbag:

I almost miss players like Bonzi and Rasheed...Hell, I don't car eif they fought with the coach everyday..We we're winning with them. But we're rebuilding right now, I have can wait. I'mm seeing so many good things (Darius MIles, Pre Injury, Juan Dixon, ETC)

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Yeah, Carmelo has really stepped it up a notch from last season. One player who amazes me is Earl Boykins, the guy is only 5-5 but he is so good, he had 33 in that 3 OT game, Steve Nash, the "MVP" couldn't guard him, although he is a poor defender, therefore not qualifying him for MVP in my mind, but that is a different story altogether.

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Steve Francis is on the Block, apaprently (Saw it on ESPN)..

He's been upset with management since they tarded Catino MObely (Who was a really close friend to Franchise), Refused to play a few inghts ago, and was just suspended by the team...

Wonder who will be willing to take on his contract.

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