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Creative is better! They will be coming out with a new 8 GB Creative that will kick the Nano straight in the ***!

who cares about the nano, when this is coming out

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I have a Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman Phone and A ipod Nano.

I'm a gadget geek.

And i like my phone more. The nano is usefull when i go on longer trips and take the bus for like one hour. But not in everyday life. It gets to complicated with different gadgets. So my nano will last long.

But, i just got a new memory card for my Walkman, it can now store like up to 250 songs. And my old one can store about 450mb movies in a MPEG4 codec (That would be about 1,3 gb in divx) So bascially almost two movies.

So that's why i like my phone more.

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