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Czesc! Pozdrowienia z Polski!


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"Czesc! Pozdrawienia dla wszystkich fanow JJFP, specjalnie dla tych z Polski!"

"Hi! Greetings for all fans of JJFP, especially for Polish fans!"

I'm new here. For long time I tryed to join this forum, I didn't do it cause I didn't know If I'm ready for this. From time to time I writed something on WillSmith.net and I'm going to do the same thing on this board.

I want to write only curious topics:). but don't be suprise if I write something stupid:).

First time I heard Will on tv, I think. I remeber that I trained kic-boxing with my friends. Tv was switched on background. I saw Maimi. Later I went to the shop and I bought Willenium cassete. Right know I also have Willenium & Big Willie Style cds. I'm planning to buy Code Red (maybe Born to Reign).

Why I like Will?


I'm glad to be here! See you people later!

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Thanks guys.

Yes "LODY" means ice creams:), I'm wondering how do you know this?

/Right know I'm trying to figure out how to change my profile, that it could looks like yours. I don't like programs to talk, and I don't write often on english boards so I don't know how to use it:)/

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Haha, thats cool, you visited some guy and you don't know how he was:)

hmm... maybe you like Warsaw, but personally I don't think that city is buetiful, it is capital, and it's dirty (many rubish) besides old disctrics? our country has much more buetoful town like Cracow.

/later I will change my profile, but I must find my dictonary, but thanks/

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Yeah actually I was in Cracow 2 since me and my family was going by boat.. Cracow felt more exotic since Warzaw is a pretty typical capital even though the old places was beautful.. It looks pretty much like most big eastern europe cities... a bit dirty and grey at places, and some amounts of poor people and areas that I am not used of from home.

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oh I see, I thinked that you was alone abroad:)

I think that if you again be here it would look much better than in past. And one more question:)

What you rember of this trip?

(mostly people say that they rember nice and positive attitude people, good kitchen and buetifull girls:))

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Well yeah i might come back there some time..

People were really helpful and the outdoor restaurant was good as hell... Sure there were beutiful girls... but you know, Im a Swede, I see tasty ladies every day haha :)

Actually it was an quite interesting trip. If someone is gonna visit eastern europe, i'd say poland is the best place to go.

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I was looking good lyrical rappers. Someone on WillSmith.net board writed about them & others rappers from Sweden... & USA & UK. They were mentioned opposite 50Cent etc. so I checked them. I liked musicvideo "These Wall Don't Lie" (they had also funny video "Don't hate the players".... and more). Truly not every song I like from them I have heard. Also on Polish site someone sold their newest cd, and he writed many warm words. So I think they are rather from those good guys:)

Probably you also heard about ABBA;)

/ZARAZ IDE DO PRACY NA 16 godz. :( !!! means "I'm going to my work for 16 hours"

so I'm unhappy, but your "Lody!" keep me in good mod:D thanks.... hahaha/

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