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FuQ - Just An Acapella


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I'm planning to do a song with no beat, just lyrics. No beat help or limit, just release what's on the mind. I thought it'd be a nice read.

October 7, 2005 (8:26 pm - 8:50 pm)

This is just an acapella, for me to tell ya

I don't need a beat as expensive as Kanye's and sell 'em

to a rebellious generation that's constantly hatin'

on an old school that rings as a peaceful presentation

Can't respect it if a man prolificly said it

and then it happened

Nostradumus rejuvinated in the world of rappin'

Rappers as common as New York City pigeons

Passed by, or like an album's track, you skip 'em

I dare the present artist of today, 20 years from now

get labeled as that generation's Marvin Gaye

Wait a minute...

I've been told that I'm just talk on record

by my vocal rhythms reach you just as easy as if we talk together

Don't be like a parent and not understand

Have your child run out into a world that gets him addicted like crack grams

Getting the shakes, and going thru seizures

Be like the human soul, and take a lot to the body before you leave 'em

You can object, but we're not discussin' in the court of law

Go streaking, and run the streets with the truth

but they won't see it all

I rather have heaven of the heart cuz the world's ain't ****

No need to represent cuz it cease to exist

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Great verse! :rockon:

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