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Post Ya Favorite "G" Lines


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A few to kick this thread off:

Uncle Phil- Geffory, can you get me my tools

G- You mean your knife and fork?

Carlton- Geffory can you make me a sandwitch?

G- (puts a piece of bread ontop of Carltons head) Now you are a sandwitch

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Uncle phil going on a camping trip

Uncle Phil- I got to go stuff my fanny pack

G- (G looking at his butt) Looks like someone already beat him to it

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I got a few G' moments. 1 is where Will is coming home after he spent sum time in Philly. Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv are talking then very thing in the house starts 2 shake and u hear loud music...

Geoffery: I don't know whether 2 hide under a table or do the Running Man.

Will comes through the door with his boom box and G starts doing the Running Man :lolsign:

The other is when Will gets a car. Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv are in the kitchen talking and again the stuff starts to shake around the kitchen and the music is Naughty By Nature's O.P.P. just blazin' through the kitchen. Uncle Phil say something I can't remember what it was but G line was...

Geoffery: Not unless he's down wit O.P.P. YEAH U KNOW ME :rofl: :lolsign:

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The door bell rings. Everyone stops what they are doing and looks at G.

G- Oh please, let me get it!!!!

Will- How mad is uncle phil at us?

G- Well you know the pie left over from last night?

Will- Its all gone?

G- No, its still there!!!!!!!!

They all gasp. :rofl:

Uncle phil- Geffory can you please dispose of this trash (looking at Jazz)

G- Right away sir!

G Throws him out the door while Jazz yells haha

G and Jazz are now back inside.

G- Sorry about that, it was strictly buisness.

Jazz- Its alright


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Uncle Phil- Out of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite. You have ham, yam, mash patatoes and gravy, (ect., ect.) and the Big Ol Butter Ball (looking at the turkey).

G- Well you are what you eat Sir

Uncle Phil- Are you calling me a big ol butter ball?

G- Nothing gets past you Sir

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In the episode when Phil and Viv go on vacation and Phil can't find his bathrobe, he calls up Geoffrey and asks him if he packed it, and Geoffrey says something like "Oh, I thought I did sir, I'll see if I can find it" and he's sitting there wearing it! :lolsign:

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G is wearing like a suit with a vest underneath on his B-Day episode

Will- G you got to dress funky

G- (G pulls the little hankercheif up from the pocket on his suit jacket) There, pure unadulterated funk


Then Will is showing him how to dance (We all know Will's funky fresh dance moves) to Will's boom box.

Will- (after he gets done danceing) Now you try

G- I would but to my best knowledge, hell hasn't frozen over yet.

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My favorite is the episode were Carlton might be a baby daddy. Carlton sneak away 2 get married 2 the girl who says it's his baby. Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv wanna talk 2 Carlton. And they called G

Uncle Phil: Geoffery would you go tell Carlton that we want 2 speak with him

G starts walking up the stairs and says

G: Run Geoffery, Fetch Geoffery, I suppose u want me 2 catch a frizzbe with my teeth.

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