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some news 4 TLC fans

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I heard that T boz and Chilli are looking for a "replacement" for left eye, i kinda have mixed feelings about this , bcoz u can never replace left eye and its not really TLC without her. Its also good that they are gonna release new stuff, but ithink they would be better going on as a duet like they did for most of the 3d album.

but get this they are gonna find this new member is on a reality TV show, what do the rest of the tlc fans think about it? :dunno:
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This news is actually about a week old but i never posted it cuz the details are schetchy. The original newz waz that they signed a deal 4 a reality show where they search 4 a replacement, record some trax, and tour with the winner. However, TLC has said many times that there is no replacing her and that they would probably leave TLC where it is with 3D. After this news got out and freaked out TLC fans everwhere, more news came out saying that they are doing a reality show but that they wern't replacing her and that there waz no details about what the show would be about. TLC hasn't said anything about this so i'm not taking any of it 2 seriously until i hear it from them. I'd like them 2 continue as a group, but it looks like they are just gonna do the greatest hits thing, possibly do a farwell tour, then work on solo project (but they were gonna work on TV projects 2gether). Since Arista closed their doors, the greatest hits album waz put on hault after the cancelled release date.

In other newz, T-Boz is getting a divorce from Mack 10 saying that he waz an awful father and very abusive 2 her.
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]They're not looking for a replacement, and never will. TLC consisted of TBoz, Left Eye and Chilli, and TBOZ and Chilli both know that there can never be another "Left Eye" and have said from their own mouths that they are not even interested in replacing Left Eye...

They are just doing the same thing that Puffy did with the "making of the band" reality show...and like AJ said tryna form a female group/band...or whateva...

wierd u guys should mention this, i was just talking to someone in the Braves Executive offices a coupla hours about this...and autographing a copy of the portrait I did of Left Eye for one of her fans...

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If u visit any TLC message board, it's filled with upset people about this even tho' there's no legit newz on the topic. If TLC says they aren't gonna continue as a duo...they definitly aren't gonna continue as a trio with a replacement.
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ah, u have kinda put my mind at rest, i heard the news on my interactive TV thing, but the details where very sketchy. I might go to there message boards then and c if there is any more news.

I hope they do a final tour tho coz i thought i would never see TLC live.

I guess its just watch this space and we will have to look out for legit news.
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