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I got some new music 2day...

Q-TIP - For The Nasty (da new promo single)

If u get certain albums at Circuit City, u can get the promo single for Q-Tip's new song "For The Nasty" featuring Busta Rhymes!! Sadly, all of the albums available 2 purchase 2 get this single are stuff i'd never check out (except 4 Bow Wow, which i got just 2 get this single). The song is produced by The Neptunes, but it dosen't have their signature sound. It's a Hip-Hop beat, but it's not really comparable 2 anything. It seems a lil' empty 2 me. There are chants in the background, and this guitars (almost tribal sounding) over a very basic percussion set. Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes are of course modern day legends, but this track is pretty laid back and simple compared 2 most of their stuff. It's very refreshing hearing some skillz in Hip-Hop again. Q-Tip's album is slated 2 drop September 27th. Oh yeah, and the albums that will get u this promo single, which u'll probably have 2 ask 4, are Ying Yang Twins, Slim Thug, Young Jeezy, Ruff Ryders Vol. 4, the Hustle + Flow Soundtrack, and Bow Wow.

BOW WOW - Wanted (da album)

Most of u have heard the single "Let Me Hold You" featuring Omarion. I personally love it. Tho' i wanted this album, i waz gonna wait 4 a used copy 2 cop at a cheap price. However, i had 2 get that Q-Tip single...and Bow Wow ain't all that bad 2 me these days. Bow Wow's flow is tight. Unlike alot of people making records commerically these days, u can understand every word he says. His lyrics aren't bad either. However, like Kris Kross, he's slowly introducing explict stuff in2 his music. He's not goin' gangsta or anything, but he's droppin' the N-word from time 2 time. Most of the album is produced by Jermaine Dupri. Some of the beats are really dope. But compared 2 most of his work, some of these beats are 2 simple. I think the idea waz 2 keep Bow Wow grounded and not so sugarcoated. Most of the beats do get better with every listen tho.' JD, Snoop, and Ciara also shine on the album. Not a bad album but not great either.

RIHANNA - Music of The Sun

WOW!!! This album is amazing. I haven't gotten an album this solid in awhile. Song after song is great. They work 2gether as an album, and every song is good enough 2 be a single. It's just an ill reggae, dancehall, R-N-B album. Her voice is great, the music is brilliant. I can't say enough good things about this album. If u are in2 this stuff or like her 1st single "Pon De Replay"...GET THIS ALBUM. And 4 the fellaz, the picture of her wasteline is sexy enough 2 be worth the price of the CD...ha ha.

KANYE WEST - Late Registration

Well, i touched on this album in the other post. Some of the beats are dope....some are good. I can't say anything bad about them. Kanye's lyrics are often good, but sometimes bland. However, he isn't talking about all the same crap 50 and Ja-Rule are talking about...but at the same time, he'll never be able 2 touch Common Sense. It's Kanye's flow that kills me sometimes. When he's just cool and down 2 earth, but sometimes he thinks he's more than he is, and that's when his flow gets really boring. The skits are wack tho.' They are kinda funny the 1st time u hear them, but after that they are just really annoying.

Other new albums i've checked recently were

PUBLIC ENEMY's greatest hits album. Of course it's dope. It's hit after hit. Of course their library of work is huge so there are some trax that PE fans will really miss on the tracklisting. For me it waz "I Stand Accused."


Man, this is ecollectic pop at it's best. If u like Nelly Furtado, check this album. Her lyrics are great, her voice is different and good. And they way she mixes R-N-B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and rock is brilliant.

TIARRA MARI - (((i 4get the title of it)))

I liked her single and saw the album mad cheap the week it dropped...so i got it. She has a great voice, but the Roc-A-Fella image messes with her skill i think. The beats are all commercial...some good, some boring. Sometimes, i think the image and marketing thing take away from who she really is. Worth listening 2 tho.'


Here we go, i know i'ma get clowned 4 this. But would i be keepin' it real if i shyed away from something i really felt. A few of u know me from the early 90's and know that i'm famous for leading Anti-Boy Band movements...ha ha. But those days are over and that stuff dosen't bother me anymore. Well, i kinda liked their single "Incomplete" and listened 2 the album. The whole album is pop (but not radio-friendly super pop). Honestly, i liked it enough 2 get it. The lyrics are great, their voices are strong, and all the music is live instruments. I never thought i'd see the day were i bought a Backstreet Boys...but here i am, and i'm liking this...ha ha.

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cool man nice reviews yeah the Bowow album is pretty good i like the songs "big dream" and "do you" and i have heard some of the backstreet boy album and its ok

all the other reviews are on point homie!

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U know AJ, I had that same nagging voice when I picked it up. I had already heard "For The Nasty" on radio back in late May. I probably just caught the "new jam of day". I might check out that Natasha Beddingfield cd. I liked her single "These Words". It wasn't half bad. But after the Kanye, I real skeptical about anything new now. Plus, I don't need to much new music at once.

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Thanks for the reviews AJ, if you're startin' to get into Public Enemy buying their greatest hits album is the way to go and if you like that you go buy their albums, that's what I did at 1st when I bought the "20th Century Masters" Public Enemy greatest hits album in 2002 and I've been buying their other albums ever since, they got a couple DVDs out right now too, one from their early Def Jam days in 1987 that features additional performances by LL Cool J, Eric B. and Rakim, and Beastie Boys, and there's another DVD from when they toured in Australia for their last album they did in 2003 and it features them hangin' out and interactin' with the fans there too, I'm definately putting those on my Christmas wish list. Now as far as other artists I might actually check out that Rihianna album 'cause I'm diggin' that single "Pon De Replay", the video got a fun vibe to it too. When's Q-Tip's album comin' out? I wanna definately peep that out when it comes.

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I've always been in 2 PE. I only have 4 of their albums, but i've been following them since 1990. Q-Tip's new album comes out on Motown on September 27th!!

And take my word on that Rihanna album...not many albums make me this happy. This reminds me of Diana King's debut if she would have came out in the 2000's.

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I've always been in 2 PE.  I only have 4 of their albums, but i've been following them since 1990.  Q-Tip's new album comes out on Motown on September 27th!!

And take my word on that Rihanna album...not many albums make me this happy.  This reminds me of Diana King's debut if she would have came out in the 2000's.

September 27th is a big day 'cause we get Jazzy's mixtape and Q-Tip's album, I think Skillz' album is coming on Sept. 13th, and Casual's next Tuesday so this is a big time for hip-hop albums! :thumbsup:

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