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Ha!! I actually do a work out b4 i do my shows...just 2 keep my body relaxed. I never thought about doing b4 a date. I don't really get nervous when taking a girl out...i haven't for about 10 years. But it's probably a good idea none the less.

And 3Cookies revealed an idea i kinda overlooked. COOKING. This is definitly an area i need 2 work on. Other than toast and cereal...i'm pretty lost in the kitchen.

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Great advice AJ, now for my 2 Pence (yes I'm in England!)...

About 2 hours before going out, do about 30 mins of exercise to burn off any nervous energy, I found this works really well. I'm not talking about weight training or anything - just a jog or a bike ride. Obviously have a shower afterwards...

Chocolate is always good, something about the chemicals in it I think... just not too much though!

yeah be careful with the chocolates, we do love them, but if we are on a diet we are forced to eat them, feel guilty, then fat lol. And most girls are on some type of diet most of the time lol.

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ur right abt the chocolate. Im not to much of a chocolate person. But after a couple of dates, (and chemistry is there, or we start going 2gether) I will likely have him over for some h'ovres, chocolate (nut) fudge and strawberries with candle lights and soft music playing,... something to put him in a relaxed comfort zone,...

so i can whip his tail real quik in a game of scrabble or yahtzee.. hahah....and YES I make up words as I go along. haha. jk



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