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Yesterdays Tomorrow Film

Da Brakes

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Hey guys! I finally got the full working version of the film i tried to put up last week! So for thoses who didn't read the post, its a 20 minute film written and directed by my friend who asked me to be in it! Its called 'Yesterdays Tomorrow' and its basically about making choices and the consequences these choices have on our lives!

The quality here isn't that great but thats because I had to condense this rather large file into a 50 MB file!

I'm sure he would appreciate any feedback you guys would like to make!!

Yesterdays Tomorrow

ps. I don't smoke at all! But he asked me if i would do it for this film! To all those that do I don't knopw how you guys do it! It tastes so foul!!!

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Good to see the whole thing this time Brakes. Great film your friend made there, also props for the acting. I loved the poker table bit like Fan4ever said, and also that bit where your rolling basketball cuts into the wheelchair guys rolling basketball, that was pretty slick.

Only bit I didn't like was having to watch some of the scenes 3 times, but I suppose it was neccessary to get the point across :2thumbs:

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I see you have borrowed jonnys porno mags on the bed too lol.

Some people will understand this, some won't!...

You could have elaborated the black stereotype thing Brakes... if you managed to introduce a scene where there was an old, white lady in an elevator, and then you walked in with your friend and said 'Hit The Floor' meaning you wanted to go to the ground floor... :lolsign:

Revenge is swwet!

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