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Dad epispde/wills acting


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i saw the episode where wills dad came and abandoned him again. it was the second time i saw this episode and i noticed for the first time that will was a good actor. now dont get me wrong, im not saying hes a bad actor. but when i saw him in the end, when his dad left and he was giving his monolouge on how he'd come up w/o his dad. i realized that i could feel his emotion. thats when i realized he was a good actor. and i also realized that this is probaly the episode some big shot in hollywood saw and noticed that will might be a good actor in a movie

just my opinions.

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The drug episode is where Will was offered them to make him stay awake coz he kept falling asleep. and carlton had a zit. so he asked will if he had any pills (asprin) and will being half asleep told him it was in the locker where speed was and carlton just went crazy dancin and went to hospital. Very good at acting when will admits it was his fault.

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yeah, i could actually feel all the emotion he was going through at that time, it was so sad... i fink will was actually crying... and then when his dad leaves in season 4, was really emotional.... i didnt cry though, a man never cries...]

btw, i dont think Carlton was lookin for asprin, but for vitamin E

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