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  1. I actually have this movie on DVD. I love Will and I LOVE Whoopi and I really liked this film!
  2. Thanks! I keep meaning to catch it, and now that I have a VCR (FINALLY!) I can record it! YAAAY!
  3. Can't lie...at the end when Phil takes WIll in his arms and actually knocks the cap off his head, I got HoYay!* vibes. Just sayin'... * HoYay! = homosexuality, yay!
  4. I love that song too. I would love to have the words, but it's not in English - in fact, I have no idea what language it's in. Anyone know?
  5. Aunt Helen (to Vivian) Vi, girl, you look GOOD! And you've lost weight in all the right places! *hi-fives Vivian* Philip, you look good...and you look good...
  6. So is the "West Philadelphia" quip. Remember when Will and Carlton took Uncle Phil to court and Will says it to the judge?
  7. Definitely "knife and fork". It's all in the delivery, and Geoffrey just NAILS it.
  8. Uncle Phil: Geoffrey, get me my tools. Geoffrey: You mean your knife and fork, sir? Uncle Phil: I'm the same weight I was in high school! Will: Yeah, if you add up all four years.
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