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What songs from JJFP do you think have the funniest lyrics?

IMO these lyrics are the funniest

From Parents just don't understand

The next half hour was the same old thing

my mother bying my clothes from 1963

but then she lost her mind and did the ultimite!

i asked her for addidas and she bought me ZITS!!!!!!!!

From i think i can beat Mike Tyson

I paid four hundered and seventy four thousand dollers for my ticket and the boy ran out the ring!

Mike Tyson puched the boy in his ribs and his leg fell off!!

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Just One Of Those Days

I flipped my radio on and to my utter surprise

I thought that it was eight o'clock but it was half past nine

I hopped up and put my feet on the floor

ran to the bathroom then I (ow) hit my foot on the door

the pain was immense as it started to throb

I said to hell with broken toes I was losing my job

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don't know if its that funny but i really like this from fp of belair:

"First class, yo this is bad,

Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass

Is this what the people of bel-air livin’ like,

Hmm this might be alrighti :3-laugh3:

crack up whenever i hear this

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What songs from JJFP do you think have the funniest lyrics?

I paid four hundered and seventy four thousand dollers for my ticket and the boy ran out the ring!

Mike Tyson puched the boy in his ribs and his leg fell off!!


Everything in the Mike Tyson track is funny.

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what about "then she bit me"

that track is so messed up :lolsign:

.......thats why i love it so much lol

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Then She Bit Me Lyrics

Ladies and gentleman you are about to enter the twilight zone

I was in a club, one friday

A lovely lady comes walking my way

She walked up and she said hello

I said hi, my names Joe

I was lyin', so was she

She said her name was Donny,

But her shirt said Marie.

She said you get to know me,

you'll never forget me

I said why, then she bit m.


That didn't hurt.

Kinda creepy

but she ripped my shirt.

She poisoned me I went to sleep.

Woke up at her house,

At the back of a jeep.

A Blazer, '89

Tinted windows,

I wish it was mine.

Oh, here it is,

But where are my keys?

There they are in the ignition.

I'm at her house.

It's a Tepee.

No, it's a cabin

No a skyscrapper.

No, its an igloo.

A shack.

Forget it, I'll go around back.

It's a castle, with a moat

How I get Across...Boat.

Shooo...I hate that sound.

I went inside,

Looked right, looked left.

There she is.

Oh, no Thats Jeff.

He's invisible.

I went downstairs.

It's a loft.

No, it's a dungeon!

There she is, doing aerobics.

No, yoga.

No, karate.

(You killed my teacher)

But what a body!

No, he wasn't there.

I'm tellin you I saw him

No, really I saw him

He was playing checkers.

No, Nintendo

Ok, I'm lying

There she is,

Watching T.V.

All My Children.

No, thats Cosby.

No, Speed Racer.


No, thats Kimba

My fault...the T.V.'s off.

There she is, what a doll.

No, that's Chucky from Child's play!

I kissed her,

And she told me this is home...

I had entered a dimension Called The Twilight Zone....

Anything can happen.

I'm rough like sandpaper,

Hard like algebra.

You should be glad that I was nice,

And I allowed ya to

Step on stage.

To kick your ryhmes off.

I tried to be nice,

But you mistook that for softness.

Now it's over' to hell with your opinion!

What I say goes from now on,

This is my dominion!

I dare any rapper to step on stage

Cause if you do you'll feel the force of my rage

I'm on a rampage psyche just kiddin

Jeff wanted to do that

But I didn't

I thought that it would make the record dumb

I guess I wasn't wrong

Mary had a little lamb

Her fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that mary went so did humpty dumpty

Jack and Jill went up a hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down,

And broke his crown

Hickory, dickory, dock

Got to use the bathroom now,

psyche, I was drafted.

my favorite verse is the one with the nersery rhymes (i cant spell lol)

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I Aways loved Everything that Glitters.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Everything that Glitters (Ain't Always Gold) Lyrics

Aw man!

Put that ol' dumb horn down

Hey, Jazzy


Show this boy what some real music 'posed to sound like



Now that's a record!

Now that's a record!

Go Jazzy, go Jazzy, go

I want to be remembered for the songs that I sing

Not only for the humour, but for the knowledge I bring

To broaden the horizons of others is why I rap this

Enlightening minds with my lyrical tactics

In life everything ain't always what it seems

But people are enchanted by things that gleam

You know, bright fancy cars, big yachts and mansions

On the beaches of Aruba with a girlie romancin

Now I'm about to tell you a very interesting fable

More fun than when you first got cable

The moral to be learned from this story to be told

Is that everything that glitters ain't always gold

On July the 11th I was sittin at home

Talkin to my girlfriend Geena on the telephone

Flippin through the newspaper checkin the news

When I saw an advertisement for a Carribean cruise

It said sunny skies and romantic nights

On an incredible ship and I got hype

It said it's like the Love Boat baskin in the sun

Promisin fun for you and for everyone

I said that's dope baby you're down

She said yeah we could leave right now

The very next day I put the check in the mail

And one week later we were ready to sail

The brochure said that the boat was large

But it was nothin but a broken-down barnacle barge!

And if it wasn't for my girlfriend, I wouldn'ta went

Because the captain was a cross-eyed hunchback with a limp

The cruise was paid for and the food was free

So I said what the hell and set out to sea

It didn't take long to notice something was wrong

The ship was a mess and we were the only ones on it

I didn't wanna panic, so I chilled for a while

Till the captain pulled up on what we thought was a deserted isle

We looked on to the beach and almost went bezerk

We saw 300 natives with spears and grass skirts!

The said, "Hung-a-dung-a-digi-dung-da-do"

I said, "Hey baby, I guess that means get off the boat"

Their chief said they needed a human sacrifice

I said, "Well, just take my girl - he-he - psyche"

I was jokin, but things got serious

Their leader came out and he was furious

He got in my face and his breath was the worst

I said, "Hey baby, you got some mints in your purse?"

His breath was stinkin with dooky brown teeth

And two big crusty ashy hairy feet

The worst thing, he had no toenail on his toes

And a big Teradactyl bird bone in his nose

I tried to reason with him, he wasn't with it

He said, "Tenga-shanko," that meant 'forget it'

He said, "Gunga-shang-tang-da-bong-da-boo"

That meant 'tonight we're having Fresh Prince stew'

Then I saw it - no, it's not

The big Indiana Jones people cooking pot!

I wanted to fight em, but there was no way to beat em

I thought to myself, 'Where's Tarzan when you need him?'

Just as they were contemplatin cookin us up

We had a major stroke of luck, a Navy ship pulled up

The troops came off and they got us out of the pot

And I said to the chief, "Yo, I get with ya, hops!"

The guy that rescued us said, "I hate to tell you

The captain of your ship, he had just escaped from Belview

We've been following him and finally we got him

We're sorry, there's no way that you can possibly get a refund"

A thousand dollars and a weekend down the drain

But a lesson well learned, so let me explain

There's a very important message that needs to be told

It's that everything that glitters ain't always gold

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