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Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs


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I got the album today, and although i've only listened to it a few times i think its ace.

There are some great old skool hiphop moments in the album

Stand Out tracks include

.RIGHT RIGHT NOW NOW, a great message to the American government
.TRIPLE TROUBLE, sampling Rappers Delight to cool effect and sounding classic
.OH WORD, electro breakbeat style, pretty dam ace and cool style of rapping

DJ MixMasterMike also cuts his way to great effect in this album too.

Its a pretty nifty album, and its good to hear the old skool getting some recognition in todays music world. Bit of incentive for Will maybe finding now is the time to release his new material.

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I've never been a big follower of the Beastie Boys but i'm definitly gonna check out this album. Back in the day, they released a few singles i liked but often just made music i wazn't checknin' 4 when it came 2 full albums. However, i think these guys will definitly hold me over 4 some more good Hip-Hop.
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i went to get the album today..and the courier that delivers the albums went on strike..so no one had it :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: which is really annoying.. hope it comes in tomorrow im really looking forward to it.. i feel like some ol skool hip hop at the moment
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That sux...that's happened 2 me b4. In the summer of 1997, one of the biggest delivery companies in the country went on strike and i couldn't get SWV's "Release Some Tension" when it 1st came out...it took a lil' under a week 4 them 2 come in.
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I spent WAY 2 much money this week so i'm probalby gonna hold out on getting it 4 a minute (unless i peep it 1st and love it). I checked it out tho' and laffed at the edited version (cuz that's what i get) and where the PA-Explicit Lyrics sticker should be, it says "Clean Lyrics - No Silly Stuff"...which made me laff in the store.

I did pick up Christina Milian's new album and Reggae Gold 2004 so i'm gonna feel stupid if i get 2 listen 2 the album in the store and realize i should have gotten the Beastie Boys one.
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