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My message of goodwill to WILL


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Will should be getting set to start filming 'A Pursuit of Happyness' this month. this is a movie that can establish will as a great actor if he does it well. he has always been viewed as a blockbuster actor who makes hits with sci-fi adventures and i wish i could see him personally to tell him to nail this one like he told jamie foxx for 'ray'.

he was nominated for an oscar with 'ali', this time i'm very sure he's gonna win! will has a lot of goodwill across the world and if he nails this one, he's goin' places. i wish him luck and all the best for this picture. the picture holds a lot of promise as one of the best pictures coming out next year. i don't know who the director is (i read somewhere he's italian).

all the best will! make this your best picture and shame the naysayers!

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I think that with performances like Hitch and Ali, Will has already proved that he is to be taken seriously. He's the biggest movie star in the world right now, but I too would like to see him get the respect he deserves as an actor. People have started to realize that he is very talented as an actor, I hope this project serves to continue that trend.

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yep Will has a lot of credit that is owned 2 him. 1. For great rapper 2. For being a great actor

Will is a great actor. I believed he really proved himself as an actor when he did Ali.

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