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is it true?

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Tatyana has actually been working on a new album 4 a few months...but there isn't any details on it. If someone bumps up that post with that magazine article, u'll be able 2 read about it.
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from what I know (and it's not much) T finished school (coolege or w/) and now she can return 2 the music business... and I read an interview with her half year ago... and published it here...

I hope 2 her another collabration with her and Will,... it must b hot...
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Yeah, back in 1999, she said she wazn't gonna do anymore music until at least after college. However, after her album proved 2 be very forgettable 2 commercial music fans, it started 2 scare me. I waz real happy 2 read that article saying she waz definitly working on music again cuz i thing Kiss The Sky is a great album.

I'm sure that if she's lookin' 4 a label, Will is helping her find one or signing her 2 Overbrook (if they have a distributer).
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