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What top 5-10 are you bumping lately?

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Lerkot, make sure u listen to mr.smith which is a classic or i also like the G.O.A.T

Anyway the albums ive been listening to are:

LL - G.O.A.T

Will Smith - BWS

JJFP - Code Red

LL - All World

Game - Documentary

R Kelly - TP3 Reloaded

Mariah Carey - the emancipation of mimi

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Phenomenon by LL and Tougher Than Leather by Run DMC.

yeah Phenomenon isn't LL's best. but Tougher Than Leather is a classic by Run DMC! i'm surprised u dont like it.

To be honest, ive just listened to the Run DMC-cd one time. It might need more listenings.

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that's a huge problem 4 me 2. i often don't like cd's from just one listen, i gotta listen 2 them like 5 times b4 i like them (with the exceptions of JJFP and a few other artists). but since i usually don't like it the 1st time, it's hard 2 re-listen 2 it again when it feels like u might be wasting ur time.

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Yeh, but i also think if i've spent hard eanrd money on an album that i dont fall in love with after one listen its worth sticking it on a few times, often it'll catch on.

Lerkot Tougher Than Leather isn't a bad album but Run DMC have done better, Down With The King, or Raising Hell, or even better in your case would be to buy the Greatest Hits album, then make your mind up on your fave tracks from that.

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