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MP3 Organizer?


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I want to try and manage my mp3 collection a little better. Right now I have each disc in it's own folder in thumb nail view (so I can see the album art for the disc). Then I use the pop-up menu to play it in Media Player or Winamp. It works ok, but I'd like to try something that was built into MP/WA. What do ya'll use? I'd like something that allows me to play a disc at a time and browse my discs by seeing the album art.

Also, do any of use anything that automatically picks the next song for you? Something like: I play Gettin Jiggy Wit It, and the program automatically knows that I'd also be in the mood for Wild Wild West.

I prefer Media Player, but I'm open to suggestions for other players as well. The big thing I like about Media Player is being able to minimize it and have the play/pause/etc buttons in the task bar.

Any suggestions?

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I keep my mp3 collections in folders too. Like for a specific artist like Michael Jackson, I have subfolders for b-sides, albums, music videos, live videos, photos, misc. videos, etc. And I use Windows Media Player to view all the videos and play the songs. And as for automatically picking the song, I don't think it's possible. So I just press Shift and arrow keys to select a bunch of songs, and then open it together so around 5-6 songs of my selection would be playing over and over. I'm sure everybody does these same things when it comes to audio/video files.

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