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End Is Near


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End is near - Written by J-o-e

Ayyo the end is here. Don’t fear

Ya’ll masturbators don’t be queer

In the day where we got a beer

And then turned on the speakers “Cheers”

Its crazy how many time I flow that’s it

Spastic I’ll get ya ass wit. You talk ****

Don’t faulsing it. Quicking heading to accuse

Play the game homie you lose. So I chose

That your games whack. This isn’t just a rap

It’s a new generation to the game. I’ll go and slap

Don’t hesitate me because you gonna have to hate me

Then I’ll date ya sister. Grab a minister. She dates me

What you gonna do homeboy before you go and blast a gat

I geuss its all just like ratta tat tat in the game where ya need tic tacs

Don’t try to rap but homie it comes natural. it’s a plain gift

Forget about me homie get out my car and get a lift.

Because the end isn’t just here its really near

Governments corrupt when the got sucked. Hate queers

That’s not how I think is how it is. Mr Blair don’t know ****

Don’t have a fit all we wanted you to do was quit. But I spit

I speak the truth when I’m in the studio booth. Bust ya tooth

Not an angry rapper when I guess that’s just the way it goes

Sleeping with so many different hoe’s. They no longer average Joes

Can’t you see that there boming us. We all know its gonna happen

When misfire accurs and I have to retire. No longer will I be rapping

But that’s a few years a way from that stage of my carrer

Cause homie the crowd wanna cheer and don’t forget. The end is near

Ayyo the end is here. Don’t fear

Ya’ll masturbators don’t be queer

In the day where we got a beer

And then turned on the speakers “Cheers”

Don’t you ****ers understand anything about this business

I could kill someone and get away with it with a witness

Its so easy but im sleazy. Did anything for girls to please

I used to beg and plead but then agreed to get her on her knees

Stupid people who I really hate still run this country. And for what?

For them to come in and make a living illegally. They aint got shot

Yet. Before I have loose lips to sink ships. All I do is neoigate

But don’t learn to hate. Go on the long road its ya fate

Continue on your path to success. Lyrics done to the test

Clearly the industry’s best. Mess wit me I’ll lay you to rest

Learn this and roll and burn this. If you take a second to listen

Apart from who I was dissing. Before girls come. But my mission.

Stop the fighting and fussing. Arguments and friendly cussing

Love came apart straight from the start. Cant believe what im trusting

Don’t understand why ya’ll think im on crack. You cant rap

Its just another Eminem on the street. Man that’s so crap

The imagine is messed up. So before I go and “Hit Em Up”

Drive past the police station and scream Ya’ll ****ing corrupt

Then drive away quick down the motorway. Out my way

Before ya’ll get hit too I’m not stopping. This is a bad day

Critics say that my heap wasn’t good. Cause I don’t live in a hood

Like I really could. If not could J-o-e do what’s right. He should

So when I say goodbye to the game, Leave no name.

No strings attained. Only by ruling with being a headed to shame

Is there a reason you should fear? Running around young and queer

Sick twisted. Im glad your ass wont be missed. You got the gyst.

The cops will leave it as a mystery. Then homie me and you are history.

Ayyo the end is here. Don’t fear

Ya’ll masturbators don’t be queer

In the day where we got a beer

And then turned on the speakers “Cheers”

I rap these sentences for me to sometimes get to my senses

Drinking in the day all around to the night. I was right. Over fences

I don’t mean to eliminate so quickly. Its that I flow so sickly

Back in the days where I gave tick ticky. Then ya’ll so picky

Government officials don’t know **** about me so shut ya mouth

Shut ya trap homie its just rap. It’s not that crap. Dick in ya mouth

What you chatting about? Keep it clean. Real knowing how we feel

Had no intentions to kill. But I try and keep it real. Set up another deal.

Two groups of foes and friends but which ones I couldn’t decide

I didn’t try and hide. They were both my homeboys. Can I hide?

Tell me now lord and lay me to sleep peacefully.

Ya’ll act like im a maniac but truthfully I’m just a bully.

Got picked on all my life. Who gonna be my next victim

Growing up in the rap game wit nothing else to do than sick him

But how can J-o-e hate him? He never at all ever rated him

Tell you one thing that’s on the way. Best lyricist since 50 and Dre.

Can’t forget Jay. Living everyday in the prospects of being gay

Now I’m not chatting about Jay-z. 2pac or even the notorious biggie

Ya’ll being so silly. My flows are so cold when I diss you. Ur chilly

Sometimes I flow sick as I can hit with my wits

But I just cant spit the lyrics that I ****. When’s the next hit

Criticz are over me just like water is in this world

Crazy because I actually had sex before I got all these sexy girls

I wanna be driving in whips hot as Paris Hiltons sex video

Not calling her a ho. But you know. Im the star and I’ll run the show

So im bored with this. Come on ya’ll back to the chorus

Ayyo the end is here. Don’t fear

Ya’ll masturbators don’t be queer

In the day where we got a beer

And then turned on the speakers “Cheers”

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don't like it no offence man the verses are HUGE keep it simple man. Also the chorus sucks no offence. and you take too long clam your lines down you need shorter stuff. and when you do punchlines an metas make sure they hit the reader in the face man "My flows are so cold when I diss you. Ur chilly" thats basic please tell me this is your first time. well i dont want you to take any offence towards this but thats my opnion work on it man. get a pattern and stick with it i got bored reading that homie.. Keep it up you got potential dont get me wrong u need work thought.

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better watch it man J-o-e has been writing 4 a long time and he doesn't take it lightly when people say his stuff ain't good  :shakehead:

He's right. Nice knowing you, Fresh-Ta-Def. We all will keep you in our minds. :lolsign: :rofl:

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