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Ageless Natural Beauty

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i wanna know what he puts on his skin coz hes silky smooth lol.

My dear Ju Ju, please have mercy on the eyes of us male readers here who for most certainly would have read that line. I mean when I picture Will Smith, I picture only tough Mike Lowry, not someone with a silky smooth skin **sniff-sniff**. Damn, I need a tissue, and not in a Jonny 5 way. :thatsux:

Lerkot posted:

Umm yeah they are so reliable. :)

And my dear Lerkie, why don't we ask Angelina herself to show us the goodies so that we could examine them ourselves. Damn, I need a tissue, and in a Jonny 5 way. :haha:

By the way, no offense to you, Jonny 5. :2thumbs:

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Tom Cruise :1-say-yes:

Will Smith :2thumbs: :kool: :wiggle:

I agree with others. It's nice to see good old Will on the 'Ageless Natural Beauty' list

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