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lines eminem to diss will

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Who notes Eminem as the "best rapper lyracist today"?!?! :eek4: Magazines don't say that and Hip-Hop heads don't say that. I've only every heart white teenagers say that who know nothing about real Hip-Hop (making their opinion irrelevant 2 me). And nobody takes him seriously either. He abused his power 2 hold a mic by saying ignorant stuff. Nobody takes anything he says 2 heart cuz they know he spent much of his career just dissing people and trying 2 make people mad at him as a pathetic gimmick 4 sales. Fresh Prince waz smart 2 not answer 2 him since Eminem didn't really attack him. I think that if his lyrics were more offensive than mocking, then FP would have retalitated and shown alot of people what he's capable of...making Eminem look foolish. U are living in a dream world if u think Eminem is amoungst the best out of all the emcees out there, especially if u think people take him seriously.
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Everyone, especially the rappers themselfs find Eminem one of the best lyricists of today. Those angry white teens ur talking about don't like Em for the lyricism they like him for the image and the anger. And the dissing is just for fun the guys who say "eminem sucks becouse he just builds his career on dissin people" really are cry babies.
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