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Final: badboys/w3 vs prince/devilsjim


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yo, here we go light the match and spark the fires
we puttin' a halt to your rapmobile by slashing your tires
just readin my screenname you know im a devil with a pitchfork
slicing and dicing you and serving you up as some canadian pork
just stop right now and admit that you don't got a chance
your head is spinning look one way and we're grinning, your stuck in a trance
now me and w3 have faced off before, battled and rattled the board
i'll admit i got defeated and won but it all came at cost
who knew the next time we met, i'd be ready and he'd be lost
now you bringin' along some chump named badboys
kinda reminds me when 2pac killed P. Diddy and caused all the noise
that's exactly how its be, just me and the p-r-i to the n-c-e
we're dangerous, two rhyming partners who are a major threat
need proof, ask ted and joe, cause they know we can beat anyone without breakin a sweat
it doesn't take long, only about a second and we break you in half
stand tall over you, smile, chuckle and have a good laugh
we standing on the three-point line shootin for a triple
snapped your neck and now we're hoping for a cripple
you can call yourselves Kobe and Shaq
but we clog up your arteries like a mcdonalds big mac
good for you that you beat the tiger and it's charm
but now for you its a situation code red and your in harm
bee-bee or w3 i don't care what the hell your name is
your a one-win wonder and ya bubble just broke cause you just a fizz
the race is on to reach the top of the stairs
we got no tears or wears, you can't beat us so just bow down and say your prayers
go ahead and spit a few rhymes here and there but your like a car that's gonna crash
i got you both tied up and its time to take you out to the trash
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Jim, it seems 2 me u wanna be an emcee
Well it's all good cuz u already an emcee wannabe
U said it ya self I've already beaten u before
What makes u think this time u'll score, u still 2 much of a bore
Shut u up then blow up ya potna like C-4
With Science, the force of gravity still won't keep us down
And make u 2 go down after this final round
Cuz new winners are showin', rhymes intact and rhymes are flowin'
We goin' on and on and, I battle y'all till it's no longer summer and it's snowin'
I spit this rap paragraph wit only text, no charts and no graph
We beat better emcees than u from round 1 so don't make me laugh
Speakin' of which, ya potna is Prince and then nonetheless
It's the perfect match- the angelic prince and the devilish princess
I beat another prince from the last round but at least he waz charming
U just a washed up fool that won't do any harming
Disarming, the prince and his alarming lil' devil
I've always defeated evil so i KNOW u ain't at my level
My lines and rhymes be nothin' but copasetic
U've been brought down by words now u already an anasthetic
Our last rivals were better than u so this is will be pathetic
When this thing is over we'll get the credit n u'll be apologetic
I got 32 lines 4 me 2 put u in check
Prince be the donkey and Jim be the shrek
One be an ass and one be a wreck
We shake u up like plate tectonics cuz even Trebek can't help u get hooked on phonics
Prince has already convinced himself he's a king, but 4 what it's worth
We gotta win this battle 2 bring him back down 2 earth
So u be lookin' over ya raps and u soon start 2 hesitate
U reach 4 the preview post but then u begin 2 shake
And u only one click away today, so what if we're from Canada u from da U.S.A.
Not much of a difference Jim, time's just wastin' away
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Guest Prince
Your rhymes are out of place and distorted, it would be best if you were deported//
No flow and lyrics contorted, the style and rhyme scheme weak and unsupported//
W3's username matches his lyrics, both old and dated - I'm one of the critics//
You're just a petty cynic, if our rhymes appear bad then go to a local eye clinic//
This is a rebellion against the attack, from the whack, so read the plaque//
Reppin' BB but that's eastern smack, break your back, leave it as a bicycle rack//
BB needs some aim in his rhymes so ditch and reload, you have just been told//
I couldn't tell who was worse last round the way you flowed, so get out my road//
I bring determination, life support for a dying generation, ready for extermination//
Stay away from temptation, W3 and BB bring constipation, a bad combination//
Get ready in preparation, this is my presentation, real mc's are my inspiration//
Y'all try to be an imitation, me n Jim in control of this situation, forget resuscitation//
We form into the killer formation, not an obligation, we're giving you molestation//
Never mind rehabilitation, our lyrics in co-ordination, this is like total annihilation//
I'm not gonna be forgiving I'm gonna be stern, your hopes and dreams I churn//
This is all going to be over before the adjourn, for true competition I yearn//
But now my rhymes have hit a different turn, I'm the one causing concern//
The world around you begins to burn, but remember I will [b]always[/b] return...//
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Royalty and Satan why should we be scared?
They’re gonna lose and on top of that no one will care
We could stare and I swear u better be aware
W3 and BB do all the damage so u should prepare
Devilsjim’s chances be 2 slim for ya victory
Ya rhymes can be sometimes contradictory
Jim89 man ur only fifteen
Forget bein’ the devil it aint Halloween
Hov has got 99 problems to fix man
I got 89 but Jim ain't one of them
I could repeat your defeat every single year
You might be listenin’ but boy its clear you don’t hear
Overseas there’ll be instrumental to these
Sell millions with ease but for what? Nothin but blank cd's
Detective Spooner will tell ya the truth after the votes are submit
“Somehow I told u so just doesn't quite say it”
Prince goes on and on and u seem so calm
U mustve looked up the whole *ation part of onelook.com
Number of lines for prince’s rap, well it’s a lack
This wack rapper’s talkin bout reading the plaque
Well Im reading it, but look closer now what does it say?
BB and W3 win the finals by the way
It’s a shame that ya raps be lame and u blame
But we gon’ have all the fame, popularity and the game
Might have regrets tho cuz now wut u think of my aim
Ya rhymes have certainly hit a different turn
U use to win but now you gonna have to learn
U have to know that u gon’ have to earn
And if the world is up in flames, just let it burn
So its Lord of the Rings: The [b]return[/b] of the prince
I wouldn't buy it but try it cuz u'll need a job after this
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so it seems like w3 you need 32 lines to take me on
but in one shot, i can destroy you and your squad cuz i'm the second makeveli the don
we see you standing from a distance, standing pround and dissing
don't know where the hell you learned to rap, because they falling flat and missing
you got one thing right tho, we do remain to stay calm
we sitting back in a recliner watching our flying bomb
landing on the two of you, exploding and killing your mom
at the start of this battle, you both had some shadow dreams
now all it seems is that we're thrasing you and we're just hearing screams
we representing the winning side of the battle, just the good, who said a devil could be evil
we're just jumping over crews like yous and setting records like the great biker kenivel
and I just know you prewrite your rhymes like a rough draft of a school weekend project
it's like we're sitting in the sidelines watching midgets play b-ball and get wrecked
i laugh at your foolishness thinking you two can come up over us
i know for a fact we can beat you without spitting one cuss
w3 and bb are just illin, sick with the flu so go get drunk on some tonics
just dippin' and zippin' past ya like the '79 champion seatle supersonics
this could be a parking lot fight at the crack of midnight and im crack your head open with a beer bottle
couple punches to the gut and me and prince got you in a throttle
struggling for air, your eyes have a distance stare
fightning and biting to get back to your feet
but the fun is just beginning, we're dueling it out in the street
bring your army, call your navy, come equipped with a weapon
in the end its just me and the prince walking all over your body and steppin'
defeating you is just part of our awesome plan
next up is the fame and fortune for this notorious clan
i can predict the feature of us on 106 and park showing our platinum plaques
sitting there, looking into the crowd and noticing you in a section labeled "the whacks"
you yet again perform another atermpt at rap, like a redneck from the dirty south
word of advice, just give it up and shut your mouth
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I'm not from the south i be from the north bro
Only this time as a duo we paint ya loss like van gogh
I'll take Jim's criticism and feed it 2 my lyrical fuel
Time 2 play the exorcist and take out the devil in this fool
U wanna go on and talk about killin' our moms?
Ya material consists of that, plus "good devils" weapons and bombs?
U might have said I don't know how 2 rhyme
But all ya design will do is make u decline
It's the double u three wit the bb til' infinity
I'll rhyme from the heart and break down an emcee
Syllables, lines like articles wit millions of pixels
My mind, the essence of my rhymes be flowin' like circles
Specify my thrills u'd think I waz poppin' "get ill" pills
Our obstacles be like cheap drills, dude named jim be afraid of my skills
Lemme tell y'all like whalberg, u fell short of the mark
Wanderin' in the dark cuz u know i be super like clark
Lyrically beat u literally let u fall off quicker than Nelly
U 2 beatin' ted and joe waz obviously done accidentally
But I purposely made a fool outta both of u, artistically
Glory be my destiny so I keep on movin' wit time, chronologically
I'll skool u wit ease like ya teacher, academically
Prince u can just keep writin' ya poem-like-raps
No comebacks no disses just the straight ol' crap
I don't mind if u be one of my critics cuz u be pathetic
I'll write u back when i'm holdin' the crown and feelin' sympathetic
Then bring pep love casually like del of hieroglyphics
Better learn the specifics before u come hard wit ya phony chaotic antics
So Jim wants to be the next kenivel on his bike
Well u gonna crash and on the ground u’ll strike
So hurry up and lose now, u wanna win? that i can't allow
We'll look at ya poor rap score and find u face down on the floor
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Guest Prince
Aight... All in fun remember...

I'm lyrically reckless, you're struggling to keep up and I leave you breathless//
Ticking sucker MCs I've beaten off on my check-list, and I stole your necklace//
On contact I kill you with my rhymes, a few words sometimes, maybe some lines//
Your freestyles are behind the times, it's a new find, so what is on your minds//
I'm growing sick of these pretenders, acting all that when they're just offenders//
In title race there are no other contenders, I'm just waiting for the surrenders//
I set goals, and I spit jewels, interlocked in this game with a grip like a pitbull//
Oldschool? You're pre-school, forget etiquette rules, I use my words for duels//
WildWildWillennium lyrically slit his own throat, using the pre-written suicide note//
I'm a dream just like Joseph's coat, forget subtly I'm sending the torpedo boat//
You tied the noose trying to accuse, just to prove none of us can hang with yous//
You asked for it so no excuse, me and Jim are leap-frogging you like kangaroos//
Dawg the simplicity just kills your meaning, I'm growing sick of the scheming//
I'll leave you drinking from a urinal screaming, you the winner? Keep dreaming//
BB was out to play, sold his virginty on eBay, got in a fight and was carried away//
Defence wears away, you underline "fame" elaborately, your flow is in disarray//
Picked fights with the wrong Prince, so I shred you and leave you for mince//
Once respected me but ever since, you been against me who you trying to convince//
Yeah this spit is twisted, watch you out in the streets trying to get yourself fisted//
It's a wonder you resisted, but with your "freestyle" how many people assisted//
My pen is my personality and my legendary words are regarded as scriptures//
Under whack in an encyclopedia there's probably a reference with your pictures//
Y'all ain't no decent lyricists, the chances of you weak cats winning diminished//
This spit was enough to beat the undilligent, it's over now this battle is finished//
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Prince just told I sold my virginity on eBay, well I could consider
But he’d be the first and the very highest bidder
U facin the self proclaimed champs now u still dissin my aim?
We can't blame Jersey & the U.K. of being ashamed
Its unfair for your pair cuz your rap schemes are lame
This the finals this aint the same old exhibition game
B-A-D and the B-O-Y
Nice battle guys good effort it was worth the try
Jim’s threatening and trying to endanger us
He’s talkin all gangsta talkin dangerous
U keep talkin bout street fights but man it just seems
That u the one not gonna catch those shadow dreams
Jims got it all wrong, AJ and Free will be interviewin' me
While u'll be on cops and that bad girls movie
Your rhymes might look decent from a blink of an eye
But the words u been sayin, they aren't all that fly
Stealin my necklace, spit jewels and the list goes on
Makin’ up words like undilligent when u shouldve withdrawn
U right we ain’t no decent lyricist cuz we the best of the best
Look under loser in the dictionary and u’ll find Prince, Jim & all of the rest
Ur pen is ya personality, did u even take a second to think?
U just runned out and now u out of ink :dink:
Wrote the second-last rap, and that’s wut u come up wid?
Guess u don’t mind that u lose kid, ur potna be like :stupid:
It's true prince uses the same ol' general crap and i heard
He uses no comebacks just lines written months ago, that's absurd :werd:
Drum role please cuz the tallies are in and tim shows it
Jim and Prince look at each other and yelled :ohnoes:
Knew I'd find ya weakness cuz ya flow is the flaw
U began rappin all i heard was yappin and :blah:
It’s all begun it’s almost done and all I need is one last pun
Uve just been outdone 30 to none, and remember... this is all in fun
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