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this is kinda about me having writer's block, though not as good as my last, i think it holds it's own


a yes or no question...am i satisfied with self?

can i handle being poor, if i still strive for wealth?

will i let my past failures determine future victory?

will i ever do something spectacular, become a part of history?

when will i know when i've reached my peak?

when i can no longer write? when i can no longer speak?

or maybe when my passion fades like tears into water

and being an individual becomes too much of a bother

metaphors and similies, divorce and part ways

then a block forms and swirls around my mind for 80 days

as a test of my patience, a challenge of my will

my pen is my weapon and i still aim to kill

to leave a massacre of phrases in the path of all the haters behind me

cuz i'm so deep in my words that they can't even find me

i'm at another altitude waaaaaaaay up high at the top

i've been burned, and i've learned, now i stand on writer's block

and maybe life for me really "ain't been no crystal stair"

but i'm still a "phenomenal woman" so in desperate times i won't despair

i'll just take any pain and trade it in for contentment

and turn towards gratitude instead of bitter resentment

now that i've seen the light it's like soul restoration

and this is only step one towards my self-preservation


let me know what ya think

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I loved every bit of it. I was very interested in it becuz of the title. My dad said his professor wanted him to remember self-preservation.

"when will i know when i've reached my peak?

when i can no longer write? when i can no longer speak?" - these lines stuck out to me the 1st time I read it cuz I'm always thinkin about this matter.

"and being an individual becomes too much of a bother" - I agree. It does. Even if U take pride in being ya-self, sometimes it's hard to maintain. Especially if U have no one to relate to.

I would have quoted a couple more lines, but my mouse is actin' up. This is definately a dope poem, verse, lyrics, whatever U wanna call it. Kinda hits home for me. I really liked it.

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