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i'm looking 4 the one (to be with me)

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hello. i know that some1 put it before buti really need that video! please... could somebody put it here in good quality? maybe in .mpg format? please guys.. peace

hey, i have the video from singingfool, so it's not the best quality possible, but its better than nothing. i could put it in mpg format but that would just make the file bigger

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Why bother putting it in mpeg? Just so it's indexed better? The quality would not be improved, but the file size would be miles bigger...

yeah that's why i was wondering. mpeg format will NOT increase the quality of the video, it will just make the size larger. however, i will work it on it and get it up here when i can :wink:

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I'm not to sure if this works, but go to www.google.com and type in OGG and then at the top theres a site for a trail version you have to buy the full converter, but it is defitnely worth it.

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