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I just picked up the 2004 edition of Before The Willennium..ha ha. For those of u who don't know, it's the most pointless JJ+FP compilation ever. The 1st version came out in 2000 just after Willennium. It's a 10 track compilation CD with 6 "greatest hits/singles" and 4 album trax...no new material. For any JJ+FP who can spare $10 or less, it's a cool buy just 2 have it...i guess...ha ha...at least 4 the "new" pictures in it.

Well, as if finding the Japan version of wazn't funny enuff (with 5 bonus trax from Willennium and an unreleased "Boom! Shake The Room" remix), they just re-released it. This one has a really colorful with cartoony images behind them and it has a doctored pic of that pic on the back of the Platnium + Gold collection back cover. Instead of FP wearing blue, they altered it so he's wearing yellow. I 4get what colors Jeff waz wearing but they made them black and orangy red. "JJ+FP" is written in a very scribbleish kinda font and "Before The Willennium" is in purple in this 80's looking font with a totaly unnecessary silote (sp?) of a city behind it. The back cover is really colorful 2 and it has the pic of the original Before The Willennium cover but Jeff's shirt has been made yellow instead of red.

The coolest thing about this version is the pic INSIDE under the CD tray...it's a pic i've never seen and it's dope!! It's from the And In This Corner... cover photo shoot. It's actually cooler than that album cover but it wouldn't go with the title as well. It has the smoke around them. Jeff is striking a b-boy pose and cocking his head back. FP is kinda leaning on his shoulder with his hand on his hip. The whole pic is tinted in red...VERY VERY COOL.

This version of it is still a BMG Special Product but it's also credited as a "Priceless Collection"....ha ha. It also has a link at www.oldies.com. It's easy 2 consider JJ+FP old skool...but not "oldies." If anyone tries the link, maybe they have a cover of this new version.

Just thought i'd share.
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I'm pretty sure the trax aren't remastered cuz they would probably advertise that if they did. When i waz listening 2 it, i would have 2 turn the volume down cuz of the difference in sound quality.

Oh yeah, the back pic replaces the blue in Jeff's album with red.
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Yeah, i can't tell if they thought they were putting 2gether a really fly album cover, or if it is supposed 2 look like a Hip-Hop album cover from the 80's. At a price like that, i couldn't help but get it. Maybe i'll scan the inside pic sometime. Of course the original version also had that really cool pic of them in the shiny suits from 1989....u know Puffy and Mase jacked that style for the "Mo Money Mo Problems" video.
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