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should will use the internet for his new album

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It doesn't matter if you're a mainstream artist or not, if you have true fans they'll find your album, I bought KRS-ONE's last three albums wit no problem even though he's on an underground label and I bought Jazzy Jeff's last CD wit no problem either, if you care enough about the artist, you'll find a way to buy the album, as long as it's released to music stores as well as internet. That's wack that most of the things you buy on the internet has to be bought wit only a credit card. I'm gonna be real, I don't have a credit card either and even if I did I wouldn't feel confortable releasing the number over the internet 'cause there's a lot of schemers out there! :cussing: I agree wit that point Jazzy Julie made too 'cause a lot of cats don't have computers so it'll be hard to reach all the fans that way. I only got a computer around the time I started posting here but I checked out this dope site for years when I was on a computer in high school and I now enjoy comin' here and chattin' wit y'all real fans! :thumb:
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aw hero1, not only does he make rare remixes available but he helps ppl get a new album.

After hearing every1s reaction i think its unfair to release it over the internet, its gonna annoy a lot of ppl, the ppl that arnt americans know how irritating it is to have to wait 4 stuff for longer, like bb2 and we had to wait 3 months. It will be the same and younger ppl will have to desperatly wait 4 the album to hit the stores,and some ppl will have to wait even longer for it to get to their country.
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I'm still all 4 it. There's no good reason not 2 if that's the path he desides 2 take. These days, if u can't order something online, then there's a good chance u don't have internet access...which means u probably wouldn't even know about the album.

For those who might have trouble ordering it, i'm sure a few of us would help those people get their hands on a copy. And location dosen't really effect anything except it would take about 4 days longer 2 come.
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