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40 most least hiphop moments


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Yeah I guess Vanilla thinks he's all that but what was his last hit? I think Ice Ice Baby was corney I mean damn when you hear the theme to it your thinking Queen or David Bowie by the way he rip that off from Queen and David Bowie's hit Under Pressure. Anyway you think your gonna hear them and then you hear "Yo Boy Kick It" And u just want die. It my have been corny to him but the album sold how many copies? :cwm:

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Vanilla Ice! Hahahahaha... Vanilla Ice would be an expert right....

There are just certain people in the world that should keep quiet on certain issues. Ron Artest should keep quiet about the violent turn basketball has taken and what we can do to stop it. OJ Simpson should keep quiet on any issue related to the American legal system. Bill Clinton should keep quiet on issues relating to Washington scandals. Georges Bush should keep quiet on anything related to weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the world. Vanilla Ice should keep quiet on anything related to hip hop, rap music and entertainment... period.

Incidentally, didn't gettin' jiggy wit it make it pretty high up on the music charts... How many albums did Big Willie Style sell... right...

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And I think what people miss is that, yes, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" was silly, but it was made to be that way, lighthearted and carefree hip hop. But even if it is silly or corney, I maintain that if you're name is Vanilla Ice... you just need to refrain from making statements about hip hop in general. It's like me, with my minimal programming skills talking about how Bill Gates needs to step his programming skills up... Yeah, Steve Jobs and others can criticize him. I on the other hand should just put my head down and keep it moving.

Vanilla Ice... lower you head and keep it moving... try not to bring anymore attention to yourself...

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I'd like 2 catch this special...even tho' i think there will be alot of moment that i disagree with. I think that if u are the person who recorded the album To The Extreme u have no right 2 call anything corny.

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