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Tell Me Why Release Date

When Should Tell Me Why Be Released?  

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  1. 1. When Should Tell Me Why Be Released?

    • Early May
    • Late May
    • Early June
    • Late June
    • Early July
    • Late July

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There's a cascading effect with single releases... Not all countries have switch yet, and we certainly can't wait until it's been released in all countries and doing well before another single is released. We have to keep move forward. Conventional wisdom says that an artist should wait until a single reaches its peak before releasing another single... However, in Will's case, it may be a good idea to "flood" the airwaves and try to get two hit singles on the charts at the same time. This would generate interest in the album as people will be thinking... Hey, Will has two hits on this album, maybe I should check it out. Look at all the G-Unit garbage on the radio... like 4 tracks are out at the same time right now... Switch is a party track... it did what it needed to do... it generated some initial interest for Lost and Found. It's time we gave it a partner in crime on the charts...

Ummmmmm... what he said. :thumb:

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We get carried away cos we are fans, but Switch has only been out on the shelves for around a month so asking for a single now is stupid and unlikely.


Put out a vid and radio play for Tell Me Why at ther beggining of June and get it out by the end of the month. Be honest guys thats whats likely to happen.

I think record companies generally know whats good for them.

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