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why Will Smith says in Loretta "Click"? this got me 2 be intrested in it sooo much...

I love this song sooo much... but I wonder what the real story behind this storey... and hear her side...

p.s she convienced me... I want 2 c Will with Loretta... Loretta and Will Smith... sounds good?

Have a nice day :peace:

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the "click" means the handcuffs being placed on her. Please tell me your just playing "u want to c them together"

Besides I think Will and Jada sounds better. But I am curious to know the full story about what went down. And if there is a girl name Loretta. Does anybody know what happen? :angel:

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I don't think there is anything 2 hear from this Loretta character. People who act like that tend 2 not tell the truth anyway. Loretta dosen't have a side 2 her story, she's just an obsessed fan. She dosen't have the right 2 be standing beside him. That's like rewarding her 4 being a pysco.

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