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haha i just saw the performance i think yall were overreacting to the crowd thing.. anyway that was dope!! it was great to see JJFP doin there thing..and what abt when she goes to will at the end whats your enxt movie? and he says im doin music for the next 8 months i got things to say!! haha tell em Will!! also great hearin sum jazzy jeff scratches on switch!

hell yeah! he totally blew the movie question off! i was so happy!

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i just saw it and the crowd was feeling it, wut do u want them to do mosh? hahaah

it was a decent performance, he shouldve done swagga or some other track, and used the ACTUAL background haha...it was aight tho

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Well, it seemed to me the crowd was feelin' it fo sure, the kids on stage

doin' the switch was funny, but the announcer was annoying, asked some dumb questions, ah well, WILL SMITH was great, at the end he was feelin' it, he was yelling it hard, haha loved it.

Though I agree with another member in here, wish he'd played another song,

maybe the r&b remix version together with party starter.

Let's see on TRL,go willllllllllllllll :thumb:

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