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If you haven't headed over to VH1 and don't want to hear lyrics, skip this. That said....

This is extended, but I didn't want to leave anything out.

I don't follow everybody when it's time to rap

At one time, everybody thought the world was flat

Sounds like you? That was my intention

I paid dues, now dudes pay attention

I live for it, even though the the flicks is hittin

Crib's sick, you can see the booth from the kitchen

Speak on it, cause I saw it happen

This is Hip Hop, dawg I ain't just rappin

Ya'll looking at a real MC man

You couldn't check a mic for me

Lost and Found

And these aren't even the sickest lines on this track. I'll get to them.

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"yo look people gettin trapped in a track and they be clapping even when the rapping is wack.. Yo what happened! when did we get happy with that? he old fashioned yep! but lets be happy he back"

:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: :bowdown:

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september 11th i woke up about 7am, west cost time, french toast and righ, turkey bakon, taking my time, awaking, turning my tv on, to my surprise, seeing what everyone in the world saw, me and my children, images were chilling, my son said "daddy were they people in that building", a cold sweat, frozen with a lump in my chest, i heard his question, couldn't bring my lips to say yes to him. That night, at my sons side, he cried, he prayed for the ones that died in the world trade. His palms to god, seads of qualms with god, he just kept on pressing me, wana no why? then one week later our bombs would drop we seeing em on cnn they just wont stop, the infa red images of brutle attack. he said "daddy now we killing em back? why? why?"

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And another one...!!!

Lets talk about love for the game

I mean real love, back before there was fame

I'm real wit it, I ain't claiming to reign

But when Ya'll talk about rap, ya'll gonna start saying my name

For real though, I ain't playing

Plenty of ya'll love a brother

Ya'll just too scared to say it

Yo, first ever rap grammy

Lets talk about the only reason you a** went to Miami


Truck with rims (check)

Throw back jersey (check)

Champagne bottles (check)

Lots of models... damn

That's the list for 90% of ya'll videos and songs

Am I wrong!!!!!!!!!

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