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i know a few ppl know a bit about computers here, so i hope u can help me! i think it has a virus , it does things like this annoying pop up that says IE error and it just keeps popping up i got about 300 of them on my screen the other day. The computer is really slow and it wont get some websites up.

Does any1 know what virus it is or if they know of any free virus eliminator things. Its either that or this thing is going out of the window, im begging u HELP!!! :bowdown: :tear: :cussing:
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nope, i was confinsed it was the sasser virus coz it happened the same time as the virus came out but i tested it and it wasnt found on my comp, so i tested other viruses such as netsky and i dont have them either. So im thinkin it might not be a virus at all, but i just dont have the computer knowledge to fix it and i dont wanna uninstall anything bcoz i probably wont get it bk.

So my next step is to ring a computer help line, but on sunday i was so close to pushing it off the desk lol, i had to take deep breaths and put chilling music on.
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it could be this virus i had where it slows down internet explorer..and none of the virus software picks it up..i had to download some file to remove it.. i just cant remember what it was called at the moment..but i'll get back to you
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Well, I use Ad Aware, it scans your computer and you will see a list of viruses that may go undetected with your personal computer virus scan. I also use SpyBot /search and destroy, which allows you to scan your computer for spyware and other threads detected by SpyBot. Then you can do a re covery, and immunize your comp. This program is totally awesome! Also, I visit a technical site where ppl offer assistance online, and you just tell the techs your problem and they will walk you through your problems to clean up your computer. You will have to download "hijack this" into a folder, not the desktop,...and then post the results of the scan, and the techs will review it, and let you know what is harmful and needs to be deleted.

If you wanna know the technical site that I'm talkin about Julie, let me know via private message, and I will guide you from there...

good luck


man, the Braves lost AGAIN tonight...just venting. lol

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ive tried the computer shop b4, basically once its sold to u they dont care anymore. They gave me a number 4 a help line when my modem was broken, that cost about a £ a minute. I cant really say wot i think about the shop on here coz we cant really use a lot of profanity.
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