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Man, this movie is magical...and i don't see how it'll ever be knocked from being my favorite movie of all time. I was 14 and a freshman in high skool when it came out. I remember when the commercials started airing cuz i waz so hyped. They always aired at late nite when i waz watching TV and had "Shy Guy" playing under them. This waz Will's 1st real lead role and it waz the perfect mix of action and comedy. Code Red had ran it's run, but me and my friends were still bumping it on a regular basis. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air waz doing amazingly well. And all of a sudden, this movie waz coming out and Will waz playing oppisite of Martin Lawrence. Martin's show waz probably my 2nd fav show at the time and it waz magic that they were doing a movie 2gether.

I waz grounded at the time when the movie came out cuz i wazn't trying hard in skool at all. But i still managed 2 go with a huge group of friends (all fans of Fresh Prince). We had a blast seeing the movie and my brother got the soundtrack. I loved the soundtrack cuz it waz a clever mix of established artists (2Pac, Da Brat, Warren G., Xscape, Inner Circle, Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, Notorious B.I.G., etc) and new artists (Jon B., Diana King, Keith Martin, MN8, etc).

Something about the movie and it's timing waz just incredible 2 me. I saw the movie at least 5 times in the theaters (often times with somebody who saw it with me that 1st time. The fact the sequel actually happend so many years down the road and turned out the way it did is amazing 2 me.

I just watched the movie 2 nites ago with my one friend who had never seen it b4 (but saw BBII this summer). This movie never gets old.
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when it came out here.. fresh prince of bel air was off at the time.. so i was excited to see Will.. people at skool were making fun of it.. but i found a few friends who were excited to see it.. i remember seeing will and martin in the shy guy video..and laughing... and the movie was rated MA so i was just able to go see it.. the great thing about this movie..is just the chemistry between will & martin.. thats why it doesnt matter how many times you see the movie over and over its still funny ..and you still laugh... i can still remember just cracking up at that scene in the theatre when martin rings will at his house where theresa answers the phone :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
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[color=blue]Yea...I really digg this movie awhole lot. I bet 2 weeks ago, when my kids were out from school a couple of days, we watched Will Smith movies ALL DAY,...Bad boys, Enemy of the State, and Independence DAY...AND they kept rewinding it, rewinding it, AND REWINDING Men In Black..for what? I don't know LOLOL

Thas one of my fav scenes in BBs, ...specially with Will teasin with Martin on the phone like hes flirtin with Theresa, to get him to stop wearing his shirits...

and when they stepped in the house with the dead man, and Martin says," We're a couple of negros, and we want just want to borrow a cup of sugUR? LOL...that joka cracked me up....i like that entire scene...

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i remmember the first time i saw it i was very underage coz it was an 18 here and my dad wouldnt let me watch it. S got up really early 1 sunday morning to watch it on video knowing my parents would be in bed lol. Then my dad caught me and told me off. It was actually really funny.

At the time i didnt really like it that much , probably coz i was scared 4 my life, but know i love it, its probably 1 of my fav movies.
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that is one of the greatest movies i ever seen... one of my fav scenes is when will and martin are getting up in slow-motion, damn that is a powerful scene...

like tim said, the chemistry between will and martin is just amazing!!
will and martin can do a movie together with only 5$ but the movie will still be great because of their chemistry...
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Bad Boys is the first movie I've had just 4 myself, I remember when i saw it 4 the frist time; I saw independence day and i was talking all the time about the movie and some days after I saw it my dad came from work with the video tape of bad boys, I didn't even know that movie but my dad saw Will was on it so he thought i'd like it....i was only 13 and one day my parents weren't at home me & my brother saw the movie, my brother was only 10!!!!!! we was like..mmm this movie is not 4 us....and when we saw the dead guy on the table we stopped watching it, because my brother was too young too see that, haha...i came back to see it with a friend and since then i've seen the movie millions of time(i loved it), in video tape, dvd, tv.....and it's gonna happen the same with BB2
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[quote=JumpinJack AJ,Mar 11 2004, 01:42 AM]...it waz the perfect mix of action and comedy...[/quote]
Yeah... absoltuley right!! I only see this movie once... it's cool. But here the dubbed voive of Will Smith was another than in Fresh Prince and that pissed me off... but the movie is really great. But I think in this movie Lawrence is much funnier than Will!!
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