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I have an idia...!!!

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[color=blue]How bout if we just have fun for the heck of it...without having to get sumpthin free , or puttin any additional demands, or requests on the other LOL...how bout that??? is that cool will reign?

JJFP Afro Angel,
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[color=blue]~ What was the first award JJ+FP ever won?
~ Who took it home, Will or Jeff?
~ Where did Jeff and Will first meet?
~ How many kids do Jazzy Jeff have, andwhat are their names & ages?
~ What is Will's first wife FULL name?
~ What did Will's father have him and his brother to build, just to teach them a
lesson not to say they can't do somethng?
~ Is Will's brother Harry older or younger?
~ Does Will have twins that run in his family or do they walk? LOL
~ How did Jill Scott and Jazzy Jeff meet?
~ Whats the name of the park where Jill sang a song for Jazzy Jeff?
~ Did ATOJ ever get the car back from Floetry?
~ What about the TV?
~ Who is Pete Rock,?
~ What is Ready Rock C doing nowadays?
~ Is Ready Rock C best friends with Will & Jeff, or acquaintances?
~ What will Cory and Tray likely do to follow "footsteps"?
~ When Will trained for ALI, what happened to Jada with coming on the scene?
~ How many hours a day did Will train for ALI?
~ How many egg whites did he eat in the morning? LOL
~ What did Jazzy Jeff get for his birthday last month?
~ What are Will's favourite colours?
~ What is Jeff's favourite colours?

ok...this is just 4 u hehe... :peace:

3cookies [/color]
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