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'Sup y'all. Just got back from a long two week holiday in Tignes and Val d'Isere in the western French Alps as half of you probably already know... While we were there it was mostly blue skies, and one morning we woke up to over a foot of fresh snow at the Chalet, much more higher up and it was all untracked - powder heaven :peace: . Anyways, here's some pics with captions to anyone that's interested... Just a few seriously downsized low resolution ones though, I'm not prepared to post all 500 800KB pics!!! Hope these 7 small ones don't batter your connections too badly...

No not headless, I'm wearing a black hat haha. Anyways, that pic was taken on the first day (we arrived in the dark after a long journey). It's actually a big frozen lake I'm standing on, and we were told the depth of ice is over 2 metres thick! Thats like 7 feet deep. :bowdown:

The average steepness of slopes we were on. We did the Olympic Downhill run in Val d'Isere too, appropriately called Face :eek4: - it was much steeper but didn't get any pics.

What can I say... :poke:

No my skin isn't queer... A mixed combination of sun burn, sun tan and me lowering the quality of the picture right down is involved in that lol. Anyways, pic was taken of me looking at the view, as can be seen in my mirrored goggles. Don't ask about the helmet (to help prevent injury after a ski accident a few years back), and the blue thing wrapped around my head (help protect from the cold). :werd:

Me beside the Aiguille Percee (thats French). Basically a hole in a rock.

Even worse quality than the others, that's because it's a screen shot of a video. Anyways, that's me coming down a tree run (perfectly in control so no, I'm not about to fall over lol).

Poor quality so again from a video. That's me coming to a stop infront of the camera, before skiing off as the taker got annoyed that I sprayed them with snow!

Anyway, I hope y'all had as much fun on holiday (vacation) as I did...

Peace :peace: Edited by Prince
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